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  • This is an official Backpod site selling Backpods from New Zealand, where they are invented and manufactured. We also keep inventory in depots globally, so delivery is often very fast.
  • Prices are in $USD
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 Perfect Targeted Treatment

  • TREAT the cause
  • RELEASE the ribs
  • RELIEVE the pain

The Backpod and its home program were developed in New Zealand specifically to counter the huge upsurge of pain and headache in people hunching over computers and smartphones.  So the Backpod is ideal for all problems which involve hunching.

It also specifically stretches tight rib cage joints, so helps with breathlessness and other conditions involving these, including costochondritis, chronic asthma and rib pain in pregnancy.

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Gerald Y.
A savior during covid-19 pandemic

Great relief, not a cure, visit a chiropractor if you can as advised in the manual. I'm from Malaysia and I have a severe case of costochondritis. I bought this in the midst of the pandemic as my city was going in and out of several month-long lockdowns. It shipped and arrived here in less than a week. Here's my user experience... It's not suitable to use this in conjunction with chiropractic treatment (then one i visited was using the gonstead approach). This is because I have no knowledge of the intricacies of the practice and I realize every time i use this, it was messing with the precise spine readjustment from my chiropractors. However as my city went into lockdown, the chiropractors were not allowed to open for a few months. We have been locked for about 6 months now, I have used this daily since, and I'm glad to say it has provided great relief to my chest pain but does not resolve its root cause which is my misaligned spine. I'm thankful that Mr. August was so transparent and clear in his youtube videos about this product and its limits.

Graham M.
Canada Canada
So far it has helped my costichondritris

Just received it the other day. Have used it 5 times and I'm already feeling a lot of relief. Thank you

Lawrence K.
United States United States
We all love it

OK, got one for myself, my sister and her husband , and for my friend who is Iraq veteran and retired firefighter whose back terribly injured and often in horrific pain over the years . We ( plus fireman's wife, who cannot get it away from him often, though LOL) all think this devices just great. I was thrilled how fast it worked and how much better it made feel ( 15-20 years younger) -- I am still 75 of course, but a much happier. 75. Pricey but so what, with these results.

Maggie M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Purchased for a friend and she is very impressed. Just started using it and has to build up

Erica M.
United States United States
Life Changing

When diagnosed with Costcochondritis this summer (20), I was placed on anti inflammatory along with muscle relaxant; nothing worked. I fell into a dark state feeling like my life was getting ready to be drastically altered due to the pain. I researched and researched until I stumbled upon the Backpod. I ordered it, received it, and could feel a difference the next day. Prior to the pod, I was extremely, physically locked finding difficulty to do just about anything that requires mobility, including talking. The chest pain was severe and radiated around my ribs and through my back. I immediately added a morning stretch and also found this to be a helpful addition. I was down from three pillows to none by the end of the week. By week two, I had almost complete mobility with minimal pain and discomfort. By week three, I felt healed. I’m not sure why America has been lacking with properly caring for Costcochondritis, but I would love to find out how more people can be supported using the Backpod because it is still widely unknown, even among my well-known pain specialists and chiropractor. For a person who thought that she was going to have to take short-term disability to now just working in appropriate stretching for relief stands by the Backpod, 100%.