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 Perfect Targeted Treatment

  • TREAT the cause
  • RELEASE the ribs
  • RELIEVE the pain

The Backpod and its home program were developed in New Zealand specifically to counter the huge upsurge of pain and headache in people hunching over computers and smartphones.  So the Backpod is ideal for all problems which involve hunching.

It also specifically stretches tight rib cage joints, so helps with breathlessness and other conditions involving these, including costochondritis, chronic asthma and rib pain in pregnancy.

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ann v.
United States United States

No Helpful

Weird, painful and completely unhelpful. Waste of money.

Christopher SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

Amazing! Got exactly where I needed it to hit. One downside is that it puts a lot of pressure on the spinous processes making it difficult to use for 10+ min

Eleda T.
United States United States

Relief started almost immediately

My husband had a rib injury over twenty years ago, and he still had pain every time he worked hard physically. Once we figured out (through online searches, since the docs were no help!) what was going on, we got him a Backpod. Within a few days, he noted significantly less pain daily! It's not an instant fix completely, of course - He's got 20 years of muscle memory and tightness to correct, but the fact that he noticed a difference in pain so soon was amazing. He has made it part of his daily routine for over a month now, and is optimistic. I consider it a great investment in feeling better, both physically, and mentally: When you can feel progress, it takes off a lot of the stress that the "hopeless" pain was creating.

Kimberly L.
United States United States

It really helps!!

We haven't used it long, but it has really helped in the time we have. It is a solution that seems to work for the symptoms of costochondritis and it has greatly alleviated those symptoms already. I would recommend it!

Biddy M.
United States United States


Well, I have yet to understand how to use it correctly. I asked the local physical therapist for help but haven't heard back yet. Have tried on my own but need the booklet with easy instructions for people with some disability like me at this time............may end up returning the item.Not sure yet as I have some other physical issues going on involving the ribcage, ribjoints and sternum etc......

United States United States

Backpod helps

The backpod worked great for me. I was amazed at how quickly it arrived as it was sitting on my doorstep within 24 hrs of ordering. I thoroughly read the directions for using it, and my backpain was alleviated after only 4-5 uses. I've had my issues over the years with lower back pain, but what I was dealing with since early this year was different. This time it was mid to upper back and the Backpod did the trick...I highly recommend!

Olivia M.
New Zealand New Zealand

Great for loosing the muscles around my shoulder blades.

Its been a month and I'm really starting to feel some massive pain relief.

Julia T.
United States United States

It was awful

Terrible. It irritated my nerves so much in my thoracic spine over a month ago and I'm still using huge ice packs on back and on ribs. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with kyphosis or scoliosis. Now I'm waiting on nerve ablation which will take over a month to get. This sucks!

akkerman, k.
United States United States

Skeptic...at first

I've been wearing braces to combat the upper back and neck tension from tech neck desk job at work. Was able to leave the brace off after using the pod a couple of times. I now try to do it twice a week and feel much less tension in the neck and shoulders.

Lauren M.
United States

So far so good

It’s been good so far! I have just upgraded from 3 pillows and a towel over the back pod to 2 pillows and no towel. It is definitely helping my Costo. I just had to make sure I am patient with myself and am consistent with it.

Lauren M.
United States United States

Mind over matter

It’s been good so far! I have just upgraded from 3 pillows and a towel over the back pod to 2 pillows and no towel. It is definitely helping my Costo. I just had to make sure I am patient with myself and am consistent with it.

Xhevat SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

On time

Faye G.
New Zealand New Zealand

Little Green Pod of Surprise

It was easy to use and brought relief to a locked up back & muscles. I found it useful. It didn’t take long to use it without too much discomfort. Longer term, will see how it goes. I love the green colour which inspires and sense of ‘go’ and movement.

Hannah M.
New Zealand New Zealand

A great stretch

The back pod is way more effective at stretching my upper back than the roller I used to use. I look forward to using it at the end of a day at a computer.

Ronald R.
United States United States

Love it

I’ve really enjoy using this device. And it addresses so many symptoms we experience due to our computer driven lifestyles.

Joselyn R.
United States United States

Worked on the first few days!

I am beyond impressed at how quickly this pod helped me. I had been having chest pain on my left upper ribs for over 3 weeks as well as back and back pain. The upper left side ribs were very tender to the touch, i had difficulty sleeping because I couldn't find a comfortable position and overall uncomfortable with the pain. Anti inflammatory medicine was doing nothing for me. My doctor said it was possibly costocondritis due to my job and posture in front of a computer all day. When I found a video regarding the back pod i knew i had to try it. Unbelievably, the pain was gone after only 2 days of using the back pod to stretch my spine and back. I will continue to use it as it has been amazing relief. Thank you so much!!!

Elina K.
United States United States

I can't believe how great it works!!!!

I am so pleasantly surprised at the results. My chest pain has gone away and I feel so much better with daily use. I think it is the best piece of equipment I have purchased.

Kirsten L.
New Zealand New Zealand

The totally awesome Back Pod

I sent this to a family member as a birthday present. The feedback is very positive. "Excellent pod and has made a huge difference to relieving my back pain".

Scott P.
New Zealand New Zealand

Magic Backpod!!

I cannot rate this highly enough. I actually found out about this product while searching for info on Costochondritis on YouTube and was amazed that help was at hand here in New Zealand. I’ve been using it for two weeks and can feel a marked difference in my pain levels and my flexibility. I am lucky to have found this and lucky that my physio was open minded enough to try it, to the point she now has one for her practice!! The best $100 I’ve spent in a long while!!

Debbie A.
United States United States

A life saver

I thought I would be suffering with costochondritis the rest of my life. I had already begun ticking off the activities that I would no longer be able to enjoy. Then I began to use the Backpod and within TWO WEEKS my pain subsided. I feel like I have my life back!