Rib Pain in Pregnancy

What is the condition?

This is a really common condition, part way through a pregnancy, the baby bulge will have become much larger.  The rib cage needs to expand to accommodate for this, and if the rib joints around the back are too tight then it can’t easily flex.  The pain can be felt at the rib joints on the backbone and/or on the breastbone. 

pregnant woman

How can I treat this?

Lying back on the Backpod can give a gentle and quick way of stretching the tight rib hinges, allowing them to gradually free up over time.

Why is the Backpod so useful?

The Backpod is particularly effective at stretching these posterior rib joints, that run along the back and join to the spine.  There are many potential items that could be used to try and free these joint (i.e foam rollers, swiss-balls, rolled towel, tennis ball), however these are either too soft or don't accomodate the necessary shape to be really effective.  The small stable peaked shape of the Backpod is specifically designed to stretch tight rib joints.

How can I use the Backpod for an at home stretch for tight rib muscles?

The other part of freeing up a tight rib cage is stretching the shortened muscles between the ribs.  How to do this is shown 10 minutes into our video on fixing costochondritis.  The twisting stretch shown after that is also useful, but only if the baby bulge isn’t too big.

Using the Backpod at home for your ribs and back?

As well, the sitting massage shown in the Backpod’s user guide can be used all through pregnancy - and is wonderfully appreciated!  Work all the way down to the low back.