Treatment in Your Home, at Your Pace

The Backpod is a real treatment tool to free up a tight upper back and rib cage.

It is an amazingly effective, super strong and ultra conveniently sized wellness innovation for everyday use anywhere you are.

Improve your flexibility, release tension and improve posture.

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Strong Supportive Design

The Backpod has a multi-award-winning design.

Fabricated with a super-strong polycarbonate core and hypoallergenic synthetic rubber outer cushion.

  1. 1Hypoallergenic outer cusion
  2. 2Super strong polycabonate core


Costochondritis is a scary and confusing (but not life-threatening) condition with pain where your ribs join onto your breastbone.

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The iHunch refers to a result of our modern world, with smart phones, computers and an increasing tendency to crane the neck over a device for long periods.

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Recover Flexibility

Recovering flexibility post-injury, surgery or simply age can be difficult.

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It Works If You Follow the Instructions

“After 6 weeks using the Backpod I have eliminated my Costochondritis without using anti-inflammitories. I continue to use the Backpod daily to ensure it never comes back and to counter balance the time I spend on a computer during work. Read the instructions and follow them, you will not regret it.”

— Peter M. Verified Buyer

How to use the Backpod

Instruction and demonstration of how to use the Backpod, presented by the inventor, and professional physiotherapist Steve August.

Start slowly, Take your time

Start slowly...

To start off with, we recommend placing three pillows on a floor. This is because your spine can be really tight, and too painful to put much leverage on to start off with. You can gradually reduce the pillows to allow for a stronger stretch (it can take up to two or three weeks to get to no pillows).

Ease into it...

Lie back with the Backpod roughly between the shoulder blades.

Bring your hands up above your head, chin tucked in and knees up.

Your upper body will now be lying on the Backpod, stretching out the spine in the opposite direction to all the forward bending that happens during a normal day.

Take your time...

Hold the position for roughly 30 seconds then slightly re-adjust, so you begin to work the Backpod to the top of the back, up to shoulder level and out to the sides to stretch the rib hinges. Remember to keep your chin in and your shoulders relaxed, so that it stretches the pectoral muscles and you’re getting a complete stretch.

Award Winning